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Work and leadership experience

Open Source Community Manager, {code}, Dell Technologies, Boston, USA - 2016-2018

Main responsibilities included planning and launching of the open source-focused {code} Community and its associated DevHigh5 and {code} Catalyst programs. Always with a community-first mindset, defending the community from internal forces.

{code} was a strategic open source initiative supported by executive management driven by three main principles of a community-first mindset:

  • Open source efforts are developed in the best interests of the community
  • Projects are executed with complete transparency and openness
  • Open source technologies are made to be consumable by the widest range of users and organizations

The {code} Team contributed to and created open source projects, acted in the interest of building a community, and drove awareness of emerging technology trends. It consisted of three programs, each operating with these core principles in mind: the {code} Community, the DevHigh5 program, and the {code} Catalyst program.

  • Planned and launched an open source community strategy for Dell Technologies, called the {code} Community
  • Maintained healthy growth and engagement within the {code} Community Slack team, reaching over 5,600 members as of Feb 2018
  • Planned and launched several community outreach programs, such as the {code} Catalyst program, the DevHigh5 program, {code} Catalyst Spotlights, {code} Webinars and {code} Assemblies
    • {code} Catalyst program, an innovative program with the brightest minds in the open source community
    • DevHigh5 program, shepherding 100+ open source projects through processes surrounding legal, documentation, and community support
    • {code} Catalyst Spotlights, a social media campaign where {code} Catalysts were interviewed on their open source involvement. Organized the editing, and publishing of videos to YouTube
    • {code} Webinars, a webinar series where innovative open source-focused individuals presented information on their open source projects
    • {code} Assemblies, social events tied to open source events worldwide where open source-focused people could network and meet in real life
  • Wrote 2 published book chapters (see more info under “Publications”)
    • Building community to stay on the cutting edge
      • The {code} Team, the {code} Community, and its impact on Dell Technologies
    • Assuming positive intent when working across teams
      • How to work efficiently together across organizational boundaries
  • Supported event planning and social media engagement surrounding events across the globe
  • Wrote numerous blog articles on community engagement and involvement (my profile here)
  • Speaker at several events around the globe such as:
    • Open Source Leadership Summit
    • Open Source Summit US and EU
    • AllThingsOpen
    • KubeCon + CloudNativeCon US and soon EU
    • SXSW
    • Dell EMC World/Dell Technologies World

Developer Advocate, Dell EMC, Boston, USA - 2014-2016

  • A co-founding member of the {code} Team, the open source initiative at EMC/Dell EMC/Dell Technologies
  • Led the development and publishing of over a dozen technical training videos leading to 100,000+ views on YouTube, with topics around container technologies, APIs, and modern development strategies
  • Developed dashboards for aggregating metrics on the team’s social media success
  • Developed and maintained automated setups to speed up the deployment of localized demos of container technology and storage for presales worldwide
  • Delivered live training sessions throughout the US to EMC and partner presales on container and automation technologies
  • Speaker at several events around the globe such as:
    • DockerCon
    • OSCON
    • ContainerCon
    • ContainerDays
    • VMworld
    • Dell EMC World
    • Dell EMC Forum

Researcher at the Office of the CTO, Dell EMC (formerly EMC Corporation), Boston, USA - 2013-2014

Focused on developing and open sourcing tools for automated large scale datacenter deployments. Part of driving open source contributions from EMC.

Senior solutions engineer, Dell EMC (formerly EMC Corporation), Stockholm, Sweden - 2010-2013

Part of the presales team known as vSpecialists, made sure EMC wins wherever there was a VMware deal on the table. Enablement of EMC employees and partners were a major priority. From 2012 a part of the Software-Defined Specialists, focused on cloud management and new application development methods.

Led parts of social media campaigns that resulted in EMC Sweden being in the top charts of social media enabled companies in the Nordics. Speaker at numerous events such as EMC Forum, VMware Forum, VMworld, PuppetCamp and other regional events throughout Europe.

Senior virtualization consultant, Parera Systemarkitekter AB, Stockholm, Sweden - 2006-2010

Designed, tested and implemented dozens of virtualization projects using VI3, vSphere, Hyper-V and Xen virtualization software. Also designed, tested and implemented dozens of storage projects using DellEMC and Dell EqualLogic storage, mostly in conjunction with virtualization projects. Conducted workshop and classes during these implementations, several using official Dell EMC courses.

Head of university program, University of Kalmar, Kalmar, Sweden - 2005-2006

Managed a 3-year university program called “Network administrator/System Technician” with over 90 students, including coordination of courses and teachers. Taught courses in basic and advanced Windows and Linux administration, as well as courses in project management.

Network technician, Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, Germany - 2004

Intern at Deutsche Bank for a project called “Automatic ISDN Backup in Germany”, automated a connection backup solution for bank offices and ATMs across all of Germany. Configured and tested a vast array of Cisco and 3com routers for ISDN backup lines. The new functionality was initially rolled out in a small area of 20 banks, and later deployed throughout Europe for Deutsche Bank’s ISDN backup lines.

Awards and recognition:

  • Current:
    • Docker Captain - 2016-present
    • Open Organization Ambassador - 2018
    • Open Organization Emerging Contributor Award - 2018
  • Previous:
    • vExpert
    • Dell EMC Elect
    • Cisco Champion



  • University of Kalmar, Kalmar, Sweden - 2002-2005
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
    • Completed Cisco CCNA and CCNP
  • University of Kalmar, Kalmar, Sweden - 2000-2002
    • Computer science and English studies