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Hello World (again).

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It’s time to shake things up a bit. I’ve been blogging over at for 4.5 years (wow, it’s been that long already?), and thought it was time for a refreshing change of scenery. The old blog will still live on and keep serving popular articles on VMware, EMC, Open Source, APIs and other stuff for an indefinite amount of time or until I get bored of paying maintenance.

Why move?

I will continue writing about things that interest me, but since my interests are currently not always aligned to what we started the pureVirtual blog for I wanted to put my thoughts somewhere else.

And this is that somewhere else.

So what will this be?

A place for me to put my thoughts into text, and share it with you, my dear readers. Content will most probably change over the years as my interests and focus changes, but it will always be targeted towards the great community of open source aficionados, thinkers, tinkerers, creators and doers.

And for extra geekpoints, you can see the source code of the blog here.