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Hey folks, Jonas here! For those who don’t know me, I’m currently the Head of Open Source Community Management over at VMware and also serve as the Executive Director of Hit Save!, a non-profit focused on video game preservation and history.

I’m looking for a new role focused on team and community building, preferably in one or more of the following areas:

  • The fascinating world of generative AI
  • The development and delivery of high-quality open source solutions
  • The design, development, and release of video games

My career has been marked by extensive experience and a proven track record of consistently contributing to the fields of virtualization and container infrastructure. My experience includes serving in roles such as teacher, mentor, consultant, sales engineer, developer advocate, and community leader.

I am eager to bring my knowledge and expertise to a new organization and see how it can be applied in new ways.

Head over to my résumé and grab a time slot that works for both of us to chat. I look forward to hearing from you!